Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, if you want, we’re happy continue to be involved to make sure that your personal budget stays on track.

No, you don’t need to prepare or bring anything and expense estimates (even really rough ones) are fine.

We don’t currently have a digital service available but we definitely will have one within a few months. Subscribe to Knapsac notifications to stay up to date with developments.

We prefer a face to face meeting but we’re happy to offer Skype, Facetime or Zoom meetings.

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We respect your privacy and personal information. Knapsac intends to provide insights while also keeping your details and data private. We will therefore only use the information that you agree to share with us to further develop our service. We do not and will not sell your data.

It is perfectly safe as Knapsac will not ask for access to your bank, savings or credit card accounts.

In the UK, the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) is forcing the nine largest current account providers to open up their data. This means developers of mobile and web applications will be able to ‘plug in’ to your current account data in a secure and standardised way, if you give them permission to do so. The aim is to encourage innovation and improve competition, by making it easier for you to access multiple accounts and compare or switch financial products.

We have plans to develop a digital service that will build and maintain personal budgets and forecasting tools for you using your own data. For this service, we shall charge a monthly or yearly subscription.


Our purpose is to help you achieve your personal goals through detailed planning. Our planning takes the form of personal budgeting. We know that personal budgeting can be a drag so let us do all the work for you.

We currently offer a personal budgeting and cash flow face to face consultation where we ask you some questions about your income and expenses and build a personal budget for you on the spot.

Currently in the UK only but we have plans to expand, so continue to check.

Any person in the UK over the age of 22 who has a regular income and who has goals. Perhaps you want a holiday, a motorbike, a nicer place to live, a career change, to pay off debt or just to save money

After the consultation we email your budget to you and will check in to see how your budgeting is going if that’s what you would like.

Most of us recognise that building a personal budget helps us feel in control, save money and gives us a better chance of achieving our goals. It’s just tricky to start. Let us not just help you start but let us continue to do the work for you.