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Simple personal budgeting.

If you want to save enough for a deposit on a property, travel the world or leave your job for something more fulfilling, let us build your personal budget and make these things happen.

How can we help?

The benefits of simple personal budgeting are that we spend on the things that are important to us, save money and have less debt.

As a result, we feel more in control, feel positive about our spending choices and feel confident about achieving our goals. Imagine having a personal budget that was always...

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What our users say


I must admit that the numbers were overwhelming. After 5 years I could have a deposit for a family house!!


This personal budgeting activity allowed us to understand how much we should be saving for our children and our family - we can now make better decisions about our money.

Full Pac

For £10 a month you receive

  • Personalised budget
  • Analysis of spending patterns
  • Future bank balance projection
  • Weekly money saving tips
  • Activity notification
  • Automatic daily budget update
  • Regular update of your goal timeline
  • Regular check-in for encouragement
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About us

My co-founder Matt and I saw an opportunity to leave behind the Financial Services world that we had known for many years to build a brand new service to help people make better choices about spending, saving and debt.
The help that we offer is simple personal budgeting.
We know that starting and sticking to your budget can be a drag, so let us do the work.

Photo of Philip Adler
Philip Adler

  • Founder
  • Musician
  • Financial services rebel
  • Family man
  • Nerdy budgeter

Photo of Matt McGuire
Matt Mcguire

  • Founder
  • Boxer
  • Mathematician
  • Ultra runner
  • Proud dad

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Knapsac are the budgeting experts.
Let them plan your budget.
It will probably be the most valuable 30 minutes you have ever spent.

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