Reach your savings target faster

Knapsac creates intelligent budgets from your money information to get you to your savings goal faster and more easily.

Launching in 2020, the Knapsac app revolutionises how you manage your money and achieve your goals.

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Take control of your money


Save for anything

You decide what you want and how long you save for and Knapsac will help you build a budget to achieve it and much more


Super Simple

Knapsac is designed to be so simple to use that you'll actually enjoy budgeting and saving


Intelligent budgets

Our budgeting algorithms constantly monitor your financial activity and adjust to keep you focused on achieving your goal


All your accounts in one place

Using OpenBanking, you can connect all your bank accounts & credit cards to keep everything in one place


Super secure

Security is paramount to Knapsac, and so we utilise the very latest and best security measures available


Earn Rewards

The more you use Knapsac, the higher up the ranks you move and the more rewards you obtain. Simple

Your money. Your goals. Simplified

Intelligent automated budgets
Knapsac will get you budgeting in seconds, with our intelligent automated budgets you will be able to set savings goals for anything

Forecasting tool
Specify how long you want to save for and Knapsac will show you if it's possible and build your budget

Real rewards
Rather than offering you generic rewards, the Knapsac app will offer you tailored rewards that are directly related to your savings target

Mobile Phone showing one of the Knapsac application screens

Link your bank accounts easily and safely

You can quickly and easily link any number of bank accounts, savings accounts and credit cards. This enables us to build intelligent budgets for you based around your savings goals. Knapsac uses the most up to date encryption so that account access is completely secure.

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Become the champion of your money. Earn rewards.

Everyone starts Knapsac as a Novice, but with discounts, rewards and other tempting treats available as you progress through the ranks, Knapsac encourages you to take more interest in your money.

Think of it as ‘two birds with one stone’ – your money management improves and you earn rewards.

Mobile phones showing some of the Knapsac application screens

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Who is Knapsac for

Any adult with a UK bank account who wants to take a step towards achieving their life goals. Perhaps you want a holiday, a motorbike, a nicer place to live, a career change, to pay off debt or just to save some rainy day money.

How will you track my spending and income?

Assuming you give us permission, we shall use the Open Banking environment to access securely encrypted bank data to track your spending and income.

How do you handle my personal data?

We respect your privacy and personal information. We will therefore only use the information that you agree to share with us to further develop our service.

How secure will the Knapsac app be?

Your connection to Knapsac will always be encrypted. This means that all your digital information can only be read by our server or your computer.

What is Open Banking?

In the UK, the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) is forcing the largest current account providers to open up their data. This means developers of mobile and web applications will be able to 'plug in' to your current account data in a secure and standardised way, if you give them permission to do so. The aim is to encourage innovation and improve competition, by making it easier for you to access multiple accounts and compare or switch financial products.

How will you make money?

We have number of choices. We could charge a monthly subscription. We could charge a fee for a premium service. We may offer suggestions for products and services that will help you achieve your goal quicker and will save you money. If you select a product based on our suggestion, we may receive a fee from the product provider. We have not yet decided the best way to make money for us or for our users. Watch this space for updates.

Do you or will you have a mobile or web app available?

We are in the early stages of developing our app. Sign up to be kept in touch with our progress.